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Carrier of Indiana to begin their layoffs in July – Jobs still going to Mexico


In December, President Elect Trump gushed that Carrier was keeping 1,100 jobs at the Carrier plant in Indiana from going to Mexico.  Trump’s statements were a bit misleading, which has caused some to wonder if Trump lied to them.

What Trump didn’t say was that, while Carrier planned to keep 1,100 jobs in Indiana, only about 730 of those were in jeopardy of ever leaving.  The $7 million tax break given to Carrier was to keep the 730 jobs, not 1,100.  Still, being able to keep 730 good jobs in Indiana was an accomplishment, just not as big as Trump had people believe.

Carrier has always been completely forthright with the number of jobs staying, and the number of jobs leaving for Mexico.  On December 6th, Carrier made clear that 553 jobs from the plant were still being relocated to Mexico (leaving 1,100 workers behind).  In addition, 700 jobs from the United Technologies plant (Carrier’s parent company) were also going to Mexico.  That meant 1,253 jobs were still going to Mexico, a fact that Trump failed to bring up, or to mention.  Now, Carrier has announced that it will cut 632 jobs from its Indiana plant by the end of the year.

Did Trump lie during his December 5th visit to the plant?  Technically no, but he didn’t tell the whole truth either.  He didn’t say he saved 730 jobs (a very good thing), and he didn’t say that 1,253 jobs were still headed south of the border.  The lack of complete truth have left many disappointed people in the state of Indiana.

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