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Outrageous statements

Pence Publicity stunt cost taxpayers $250,000

pence stunt

10/9/2017 President Trump wanted to make a point, and he used Vice President Pence to make it.  On Sunday, Pence performed a pre-orchestrated publicity stunt which ended up costing tax payers about $250,000. In the recent flap about NFL players standing during the national anthem, Donald Trump has been very clear where he stands.  He believes that kneeling or locking ...

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Tillerson: He’s a f*cking Moron

trump a moron

10/4/2017 Following a July 20th meeting with Trump and other top aides in July, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was overheard calling the president a “f*cking moron.” The meeting was held a day following a similar meeting in the White House situation room, where it apparently became clear to those in attendance that Trump did not have a full grasp ...

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Get that son of a bitch off the field right now!

trump son of a bitch

9/24/2017 At a rally in Alabama on Friday, President Trump showed his frustration towards athletes who kneel during the national anthem.  “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’”  His comments were cheered at the ...

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It’s Official: No evidence of wire tap at Trump Tower

Obama wiretap Trump

9/3/2017 The Justice Department said in a court filing Friday evening that it has no evidence to support President Donald Trump’s assertion in March that his predecessor, Barack Obama, wiretapped the phones in Trump Tower before last year’s election.  “Both FBI and NSD confirm that they have no records related to wiretaps as described by the March 4, 2017 tweets,” the department’s motion ...

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Charities dump Mar-a-Lago out of embarrassment


8/24/2017 The President’s Mar-a-Lago resort is paying the price when the President makes idiotic comments. Trump’s most recent comments in regards to the Charlottsville riots have caused at least 15 charities to cancel their plans to host events at the Florida resort. On Sunday the Palm Beach Zoo & Conservation Society announced it too would be moving its upcoming event ...

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Trump doubles down on Charlottesville comments

racism double down trump

After a canned speech yesterday where he finally denounced the KKK and Nazi’s, Donald Trump held an impromptu press session where he doubled down on his previous comments. Trump again insisted both sides were to blame for the violence, and again suggested many on the right were simply trying to protest peacefully. Video (below by Vice News) dispute Trump’s claims. ...

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Nazi and KKK just one of the sides in unlawful Charlottesville protest

kkk trump

Neo Nazis and KKK members clashed with protesters in Charlottesville Virginia on Saturday.  The fighting resulted in one death and multiple injuries.  Surprising just about everybody, President Trump did not condemn the actions of the Nazi’s and KKK members, many of whom came dressed in riot gear.

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God gives Trump green light to take out Kim Jong Un

jeffress trump kim jung un

8/9/2017 Trump’s evangelical Baptist pastor, Robert Jeffress, has determined that God has given President Trump permission to attack North Korea, and to “take out” its leader Kim Jong Un. “When it comes to how we should deal with evildoers, the Bible, in the book of Romans, is very clear: God has endowed rulers full power to use whatever means necessary ...

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Fire and Fury if North Korea keeps up threats

fire and fury trump

8/8/2017 At a luncheon today, it appeared that President Trump has had all that he could take when it came to threats from North Korea.  Kim Jong Un’s regime recently suggested that they would conduct another missile test, this time targeting Guam, a US territory.  The President made it quite clear he would tolerate no more threats, promising “Fire and ...

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“Greatest Speech Ever” – Not according to Boy Scouts

no phone call made

8/2/2017 A few days ago, President Trump was criticized for a speech he gave at the annual Boy Scout Jamboree.  In his speech, the president talked about how he won the electoral college and what mistakes the Clinton campaign made.  The speech was so inappropriate, the Boy Scouts had to apologize (Boy Scouts apologize). During an interview with the Wall ...

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