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“Please don’t be too nice” Trump tells police officers


Trump called gang members “animals” and praised law enforcement for being “rough” during a speech to law enforcement in Suffolk County on Friday.  Apparently not in touch with the issue of police brutality that has gripped the nation during the past few years, Trump implied that police shouldn’t be too easy on alleged criminals.

Trump statements were quickly criticized after they were made public. Locally, the Suffolk County Police Department said in a statement “As a department, we do not and will not tolerate ‘rough(ing)’ up prisoners,”.  Trump’s comments were also blasted in Boston, where a local police department stated its “priority has been and continues to be building relationships and trust with the community we serve. As a police department we are committed to helping people,not harming them.”

The Gainsville Florida Police Department posted the following on Facebook:

Earlier today, the President made remarks that seemed to endorse and condone police brutality.  The President of the United States has no business endorsing or condoning cops being rough with arrestees and suggesting that we should slam their heads onto the car while putting them in.  The men and women of GPD absolutely reject those remarks and will continue to serve and protect this great community with respect.

The President’s remarks today have set modern policing back and erased a lot of the strides we have made to build trust in our community, but we hope that each of you will recognize the work we have done to earn your trust. It’s certainly possible to enforce laws and arrest very bad folks and do it with respect. The men and women of GPD prove this on a daily basis.

YOUR Gainesville Police Department will continue to treat everyone with respect, no matter the circumstances.  It is truly an honor to serve this community.

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