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Trump Resorts Making Huge Profits From US Government


President Trump loves to travel to his resorts.  He likes the fluffy beds.  He likes the chocolate cake.  He likes the golf.  But perhaps what he likes the most is that his resorts get to charge the US tax payers for his support staff to accompany him.

One would think that the President would waive fees his resorts charge to the agents who protect and support him, but he doesn’t.  He charges them full fare.

Accounting of the different charges continue to pile up, and they are astounding.  From the time he took office:

  • Through November 29, 2017, Secret Service spent $147,975 on golf carts at Trump resorts
  • Through August 2017, Secret Service paid $132,000 per month to rent space in Trump Tower to protect the private residence, more than twice the rate of any other lease in Trump Tower.
  • Mar-A-Lago charges government employees the full rate of $546.00 per night per room.  The bills are in the thousands.

And the costs are not only to protect the President, but his children as well, even when they are traveling all over the world to their resorts.  Eric made multiple trips to Europe last year to visit Trump golf courses there, each time the Secret Service tagged along and racked up thousands of dollars in hotel room costs.  Secret Service hotel bills for an Eric Trump trip to Uruguay in January cost $97,000.  The State Department paid over $15,000 for rooms in the Trump Vancouver property to escort the Trump children on a trip there.

Every time a Trump travels to a Trump property, the Secret service must follow them.  It’s the law.  It doesn’t matter if the resort is in the United States, Ireland, or wherever, the Secret Service must follow.  And since the family stays at the resort, the Secret Service also must stay there.  But the tax payers don’t get a break, not even a government employee discount.  They need to pay the full rack price.

$147,975 just for the golf cart rentals to follow the president around as he plays golf.  Imagine all the other costs they incur!




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