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Twelve days of silence about fallen soldiers, but plenty of time for golf


On October 4th, four US Special Forces soldiers were ambushed and killed in Niger.  The  president, notably vocal on almost all topics was mute when it came to the nation’s loss.  Silence on the deaths.

The next day, the first of the remains came home to Dover Air Force base in Delaware.  Still, no comment came from the president, only silence.  Over the weekend details of the conflict and the identities of  the fallen soldiers were disclosed.  The president was playing golf.

For the next week the president was silent on the deaths of the fallen.  He did however have time to comment on “fake news”, “the calm before the storm”, the NFL, Bob Corker, North Korea, Puerto Rico and media bias.  He played more golf over the the weekend.

On Monday, the president held a news conference in the Rose Garden and was asked about the fallen soldiers.  He then made false statements about prior presidents and the protocol for reaching out to the surviving families.

Shortly following president Trump’s statements, representatives from the Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations released statements refuting Trump’s assertions.

Trump would later drag his Chief of Staff John Kelly into the fray, suggesting Kelly did not receive a call from President Obama upon the death of his son who was killed fighting in Afghanistan.  In fact, the Kelly’s soon attended a closed-door, White House breakfast host by President Obama and First lady Michelle to honor gold star families.

Yesterday, on October 17th, the White House confirmed that President trump had finally called the families of the four soldiers killed in action.  In the 13 days since their deaths, Trump had found time to play golf five times at Trump National, Potomac Falls Golf Course:

  • 10/7   9:56 AM
  • 10/8   10:52 AM
  • 10/9   11:55 AM
  • 10/14  10:40  AM
  • 10/15  10:38 AM

Check out all of Trump’s golf dates at







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