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Access Hollywood Bus Ride

When you are a star, they let you do it.  You can do anything.  Grab them by the pussy, you can do anything….

And so said Donald Trump during his famous bus ride with Billy Bush.  In 2005, Trump was on a way to a guest TV appearance when he revealed his attempt to get a married woman to sleep with him, and how he basically assaults women without repercussion.

Would this be the end of Trump’s campaign?  For anybody else it probably would have been the end.  If it had been released about two weeks later, Trump may never had recovered, but he had a month for people to think about it, and in the end not even this would stop him.  What Donald Trump knew was that all of his publicity is good publicity.  The more outrageous it was, the  more people talked about it, and that was good for him.  It doesn’t matter if his statements are true or false, if they are racist, bigoted or offensive, if they get his face on TV for a few minutes more, it was good for him.

What is really amazing is that this tape had little to no effect on one of his core group of supporters, the Evangelicals.  In terms of family values, Donald Trump may as well be the Anti-Christ for Evangelicals.  He has been married three times, has children from three different women, tries to seduce married women, grabs women by their pussys… and yet this is the candidate they support? What this election proved is that many voters have a much deeper commitment to their party, than they do to a candidate.  The candidate can be the exact opposite of what a voter believes in, but if they belong to the same party, then that’s all that matters.




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