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Trump Invites Putin To White House – What’s The Dress Code?


In a surprising move, President Trump invited Russian President Putin to a White House visit.

Many Washington insiders were left scratching their heads upon learning that Trump just invited the Russian President to a visit, especially after Trump just threw out 60 Russian delegates.

It is widely accepted that Putin was directly involved in the conspiracy to influence American elections, that he ordered the murder of ex-Russian spies in Great Britain, and he is undertaking efforts to occupy both Syria and Ukraine.

In the Godfather Part 2, Michael Corleone said: “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”.  This could be a brilliant move for Trump to keep Putin a bit closer to stem the growing deterioration between the US and Russia.

The real problem though is that most people think Putin is far smarter than Trump.  Trump has stated that he asked Putin if he interfered in the 2016 US elections, and Putin told him that he did not.  Trump took him at his word even though multiple US intelligence agencies did not.

Rex Tillerson (and others) have reportedly called Trump a “fucking idiot”, especially when it comes to international diplomacy.  Trump has made statements indicating that he does not know how, or why NATO or the United Nations function.  Putin would love nothing more than to see (or create) fractures in NATO alliances in Europe, where he has made moves to acquire new territory.

When Trump is left alone to speak off the cuff, as he did with Lester Holt shortly after firing James Comey, he makes tremendous blunders.  Blunders that cause him many problems.  If Trump does end up meeting with Putin, lets all hope he does so in a setting where he is not allowed to talk or make commitments that put America in peril.


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