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Trump Invites Putin To White House – What’s The Dress Code?

putin white house invitation

4/1/2018 In a surprising move, President Trump invited Russian President Putin to a White House visit. Many Washington insiders were left scratching their heads upon learning that Trump just invited the Russian President to a visit, especially after Trump just threw out 60 Russian delegates. It is widely accepted that Putin was directly involved in the conspiracy to influence American ...

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Enough Already! Trump Addresses China Trade Deficit

trade china deficit

3/22/2018 As he has done in the past, President Trump shook stock markets today when he announced efforts to reduce America’s trade deficit with China. The Dow was down 724 points by the end of the day. “We have one particular problem, and I view them as a friend, I have tremendous respect for President Xi, we have a great ...

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Trump Congratulates Putin On Victory

putin congratulations congradulated

3/21/2018 President Trump called out to Vladimir Putin to offer congratulations after his election victory this past weekend. However, it was disclosed today that Trump's National security team instructed him NOT TO CONGRATULATE Putin for the win.  It was leaked that the staff even put the instructions in bold letters "DO NOT CONGRATULATE", but Trump did it right off the ...

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Great Britain Sure Putin Involved In Salisbury Poisoning

poison putin great britain

3/16/2018 Prime Minister of Britain Theresa May is incensed over the attempted murder of a former Russian Spy and his daughter on British soil.  “It is highly likely that Russia was responsible” for the nerve-agent attack Ms. May said. Boris Johnson, Britain’s Foreign Secretary, went even further, stating “our quarrel is with Putin’s Kremlin, and with his decision, and we think ...

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Trump Lied To Canada’s Trudeau On Purpose

lied canada trudeau

3/15/2018 President Trump admitted today that he lied to Canada’s Prime Minister on purpose. It wasn’t a simple mistake, or a slip of the tongue.  It was a bold-face lie.  Why?  Because that is the essance of the American President.  To lie, to just make things up as he goes along because that is what he is accustomed to doing. ...

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Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – Kim Jong Un

kim jong un trump meeting

3/8/2018 Most of the White House, and most of America were caught off-gaurd this evening when South Korean security advisors announce President Trump had agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.  The announcement was held outside the White House after security adviser Chung Eui-yong had met with Trump. It was reported that Trump exclaimed “I’ll do it” when ...

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Out Of The Blue, Trump Announces Trade War

trade war shipping

3/5/2018 Seemingly without notice, President Trump on Thursday announced he plans on putting a tariff on imported steel and aluminum. Neither the President nor his staff had mentioned the plan before Trump blurted out his intentions during a Thursday meeting.  He plans to impose a 25% tariff on steel, and a 10% tariff on aluminum.  His announcement caused the stock ...

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Putin Says Russia Now Has Invincible Nuclear Weapons

russia nuclear invincible

3/2/2018 “The containment of Russia didn’t succeed, It’s time to recognize that reality. This isn’t a bluff”  Said Russian President Vladimir Putin during his two hour state-of-the-union address in Moscow. During the speech, Putin claimed that Russia had successfully tested a cruise missile that was propelled by a nuclear-powered engine. The missile will be able to fly close to the ...

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Trump Won’t Give Order To Thwart Future Russian Election Interference

adm mike rogers russia hacking

2/27/2018 US Cyber Command chief Adm. Mike Rogers told lawmakers on Tuesday that he has not been granted authority by President Trump to disrupt Russian election hacking operations where they originate. Asked by Democratic Sen. Jack Reed if he has been directed by the President, through the defense secretary, to confront Russian cyber operators at the source, Rogers said “no ...

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Mexican President Cancels 2nd Meeting With “Deal Maker” Trump

mexico wall

2/25/2018 President Trump is 0-2 in his attempts to meet with the Mexican President, America’s most important neighbor to the South. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto called off tentative plans to visit the White House after another testy call with Trump earlier in the week.  President Trump, self-proclaimed “Dealmaker” and author of “The Art Of The Deal”, was unable to ...

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