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President Trump acts not so Presidential


President Trump resorted to his old tricks and insults earlier today.  Apparently annoyed by criticism he received on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, Trump lashed out on Twitter about the hosts.  Trump was quickly criticized for his tweets, but refused to remove them or address their intent.  Senator Lindsay Graham was one of many Republicans critical of Trump’s tweets, and his apparent lack of self control on social media.

Besides the obvious personal attacks, many believed Trump’s tweets were again sexist, as he attacked a woman for trying to improve her looks.  Trump’s tweets have become more and more of a distraction for those in his own party, with many wondering why he needs the need to attack people on a personal level.  Can Trump defend his decisions and opinions based on their merit, or does he need to sink to personal insults about a person’s physical appearance in order to feel he has won an argument?

On Friday, Joe Scarborough replied on the Morning Joe show that the President is not well.  In addition, Scarborough claimed that he had received calls from three of Trump’s top aids requesting he apologize for his negative comments regarding Trump. In return, Trump would call the National Inquirer and spike an upcoming story about Scarborough.  Scarborough said that he refused.

Trump’s behavior was a topic during his campaign.  Many people questioned his maturity, temperament and ability to act in the manner deserving of the presidency.  He responded “I can be more Presidential, if I want to be, I can be more Presidential than anybody. You know, when I have sixteen people coming at me from sixteen angles, you don’t want to be so Presidential. You have to win, you have to beat them back, right? And, but, I would say more Presidential, and I’ve said this a couple of times, more Presidential than anybody other than the great Abe Lincoln. He was very Presidential, right?

Trump’s comments about being presidential begin at minute 1:04


And the President continues….


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  1. And at this time, the worst thing Fox News had to say about Obama was that he liked fancy mustard!


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