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800,000 March For Their Lives – Trump Goes to Florida



An estimated crowd of over 800,000 marched on Washington to protest gun violence in America.

Organized by students of Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, the March For Our Lives was duplicated all over the United States and parts of Europe, with millions marching in support of stricter gun regulations.

The march is reported to have eclipsed the Women’s March, which was held the day following President Trump’s inauguration. The Women’s March was thought to be the largest march on Washington in history, far eclipsing Trump’s inauguration.

Chants of “Vote Them Out” were widespread, referring to lawmakers who continue to take money from the NRA and refuse to toughen gun control laws.

While there were many impassioned speeches from student leaders, elected officials were in short supply, including the President.  Apparently fearing heavy weekend traffic, the President decided to pass on the record-setting march and instead flew to his Florida resort for the weekend.


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