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Millions Of Students Walk Out To Support End Of Gun Violence


Millions of students walked out of their classrooms today to support the end of gun violence.  They walked out in support of the 17 people who were shot and killed last month in a Parkland Florida High School.

It is estimated that kids in over 3,000 schools from across America participated in the protest.  Students participated from every state, hoping to send a message to lawmakers and to the NRA that gun violence needs to end.  In many cases, the walkouts lasted 17 minutes, one minute for each shooting victim.

Some schools, like those in Cobb County Georgia, threatend students with suspension if they participated.  Many parents in Cobb County supported the student’s walkout despite the schools threats.  Campbell High in Cobb County sent out an announcement that said any students who chose to “disrupt the normal operation of a school may be subject to consequences.” But that didn’t stop the students from assembling, nor did it stop some teachers from giving its students their silent encouragement.  “The school had 17 minutes of silence, and every minute they read the name of one of the victims and a fact about them,” Catie Parker, a 17-year-old student at Campbell, told CNN. “In the bus parking lot, we formed a silent circle with our posters and stood in solidarity for those 17 minutes.”


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