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Tillerson Fired By Tweet


President Trump is a coward.  Not having the balls to tell the fourth highest ranking official in the US Government face-to-face that he was making a change, Trump instead sent a tweet that there was a new Secretary of State.  That is how Rex Tillerson learned he was out of a job.  No office visit, no call.  He learned his fate the same time the rest of the world learned.

Tillerson was widely viewed as a rational person who may have brought stability to at least part of Trump’s cabinet.  Unfortunately, either because of Tillerson, Trump, or the combination of both, the State Department is left in horrific condition.  60% of top-teir senior staff has resigned or retired since Trump has taken over.  Trump has proposed a 29% cut in the department’s budget, and there are currently 39 Ambassador positions still left vacant.  Many other significant positions have been left unfilled.  Trump rejected Tillerson’s choice for second-in-command at the State Department soon after Tillerson arrived.  Morale has been reported to be at an all-time low.

Last year Tillerson was reportedly to have called Trump a “fucking moron” behind closed doors.  Tillerson never denied saying it.

Normally the loss of the fourth ranking person in the US Government would be an extremly significant occurance. In the Trump White House it seems to be just another drop in the outrageous bucket of Donald Trump.




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