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Corruption At The EPA – Pruitt And His Perks

scott pruitt rent ethics corruption

4/3/2018 Ethics violations and corruption seem to be a trade mark of the Trump administration.  Private Jets,  $31,000 office tables, private security forces and sound-proof phone booths have all been part of the problem.  Now, EPA Chief Scott Pruitt seems to have taken it one step further. ABC News recently disclosed that Pruitt had been renting a Washington apartment for ...

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Shulkin Fired as VA Cheif (via Trump Tweet)

shulkin twitter fired

3/28/2018 For the third time, President Trump fired a key member of his cabinet by twitter. David Shulkin found out that he had been fired when he was made aware of a Trump Tweet. Shulkin stated during Sunday interviews that he was surprised by his termination, as he had spoken with the President only a few hours earlier, and everything ...

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800,000 March For Their Lives – Trump Goes to Florida

march for our lives washington 800,000

3/24/2018   An estimated crowd of over 800,000 marched on Washington to protest gun violence in America. Organized by students of Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, the March For Our Lives was duplicated all over the United States and parts of Europe, with millions marching in support of stricter gun regulations. The march is reported to have ...

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New National Security Advisor John Bolton Is A Nightmare

john bolton

3/23/2018 In just over a year, John Bolton has become President Trump’s fourth National Security Advisor.  He has a storied past, one that demonstrates a preference for confrontation rather than diplomacy and cooperation. Bolton served as Ambassador to the United Nations under George Bush, where he was widely disliked at a time where Bush was trying to build alliances. President Trump ...

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H.R. McMaster Fired As National Security Advisor


3/22/2018 Last week, both President Trump and his spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, claimed that all was fine with the relationship betweet Trump and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.  A week later McMaster is out of a job. In what has become almost a weekly occurance, McMaster was fired from his senior position as part of the Trump staff.  His departure ...

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Sessions Fires #2 At FBI Andrew McCabe Hours Before Retirement


3/17/2018   At 10:00 PM last night, Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired Andrew McCabe. McCabe served as the FBI Deputy Director, second in charge at the bureau. Sessions stated the primary reason for the termination was due to a “lack of candor”, questioning McCabe’s honesty. A particularly interesting take, especially coming from Sessions who has been less than candid himself ...

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Trump Goes For Record: 5 Lies In 1 Tweet

lies lied tweet

3/19/2018 It was a record few thought could be broken.  Five (5) lies (untruths) told in one tweet.  If there was anybody who could do it, it would be Trump.  He was the only man out there with the audacity to try.  Five untrue statements and/or flat out lies. Oddsmakers in Vegas had him down as a 3/2 favorite that ...

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Kushner In Hot Water Over False Reports To NYC

new york kushner rent control

3/18/2018 Jared Kushner is facing another scandal linked to his time as CEO of the family’s real estate empire. At the center of the latest scandal is Kushners’ apparent tendancy for deceit. According to an investigation by the Associated Press published on Sunday, “The Kushner Cos. routinely filed false paperwork with the city of New York declaring it had zero rent-regulated tenants ...

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Melania – Clean Up Your Own House First

melania clean house social bullying

3/16/2018 First Lady Melania again stated her intentions to battle on-line bullying, the practice of using social media to insult and berate others. The good news is that she doesn’t need to walk very far to confront her husband, one of the biggest bullies on social media.  The bad news is that she hasn’t confronted him, won’t confront him, and ...

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How Biased Is Fox News? Just Watch

fox news biased

3/16/2018   They once billed themselves as “Fair and Balanced”, but more and more, Fox News has proven to contain some of the most biased political programing on TV. A few years ago, they even stopped calling their programing “news” as it would infer that they would have some responsibility to be honest and non-partisan.  Today they call their programing ...

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