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Melania – Clean Up Your Own House First


First Lady Melania again stated her intentions to battle on-line bullying, the practice of using social media to insult and berate others.

The good news is that she doesn’t need to walk very far to confront her husband, one of the biggest bullies on social media.  The bad news is that she hasn’t confronted him, won’t confront him, and if she did, he wouldn’t listen to her anyway.

The thought that Melania Trump wants to end social media bullying is laughable.  It is absurd.  Even the suggestion that she could, or would champion social bullying is hard to fathom.  It’s like Eva Braun starting a anti-defamtion branch in Berlin in 1940.  Her husband has absolutly no intention of changing his ways, and his ways are very bad on social media.

How bad is Donald Trump’s abuse of social media to bully others?  Its so bad, the New York Times compiled a list of 425 times he used Twitter to insult or belittle others since he declared his candidacy.  It doesn’t even cover all the nasty things he has said in the past.  Their excellent article can be found here: NYT’s 425 Donald Trump Twitter Insults

And what about bullying in general?  Isn’t bullying by other means just as bad?  What about things people say over the radio. or during magazine interviews?  Melania’s husbad has been one of the worst bullies in American history.  Here a few of the things he has said about women, even about his own family Trump’s insults against women.

Melania needs to clean her own house before she tells others to clean it up.  Get your husband to clean up his act, and perhaps people will take you a bit more seriously the next time you talk about bullying.

UPDATE 3/22/2018

Apparently Melania has made very little progress in her effort to combat on-line bullying.  The President sent out this beuaty this morning:




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