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Access Hollywood Tape Released

“When you are a star they let you do it, you can do anything, grab them by the pussy, anything…”

And so said Donald Trump in his famous bus ride with Billy Bush.  Would this be the end of Trumps campaign?  For just about anybody else, it would have been, but not for Trump.  The one thing Trump knows is that the more outrageous his statements, the more publicity he gets, and in his case there doesn’t seem to be any bad publicity.  It doesn’t matter if what he says is true or false, it doesn’t matter if it is racist, bigoted or offensive.  All that matters is that it is reported and it gets his face on the television for a few more minutes.

What is significant about the release of this tape is not necessarily that Trump said something that is offensive to at least half of the population, it’s that his supporters didn’t care.  The bus segment is without doubt, the most sexually offensive documentation of a presidential candidate ever.  Yet it despite his three marriages, despite what he has said about women, core Trump supporters such as Evangelicals and Bible Thumpers still supported him.  Apparently family values don’t matter after all.



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