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800,000 March For Their Lives – Trump Goes to Florida

march for our lives washington 800,000

3/24/2018   An estimated crowd of over 800,000 marched on Washington to protest gun violence in America. Organized by students of Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, the March For Our Lives was duplicated all over the United States and parts of Europe, with millions marching in support of stricter gun regulations. The march is reported to have ...

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Teacher and Safety Official Cause Two Accidental School Shootings In One Day

teachers guns

3/14/2018 President Trump wants to arm 600,000 teachers with concealed weapons to carry in the classrooms. Many people believe the idea to arm teachers is misguided, some even believe it is idiotic.  Trump apparently assumes all teachers are sane and mentally stable.  He also believes that trained teachers won’t make mistakes and accidentally fire their weapons, possibly injuring or even ...

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Millions Of Students Walk Out To Support End Of Gun Violence

student march gun violence

3/14/2018 Millions of students walked out of their classrooms today to support the end of gun violence.  They walked out in support of the 17 people who were shot and killed last month in a Parkland Florida High School. It is estimated that kids in over 3,000 schools from across America participated in the protest.  Students participated from every state, ...

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Teacher With Gun Goes Nuts In Georgia High School

teacher nuts insane

2/28/2018 So much for President Trump’s idea of arming teachers. On Wednesday, a teacher armed with a handgun went off the rails and fired shots inside the high school where he was teaching. Jesse Randall Davidson barricaded himself in an empty classroom as confused students tried to enter the room, police said. Davidson refused to let anybody enter, and when ...

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Trump Defies Constitution – Says Worry About Due Process Later

police due process

2/28/2018  Today the President said that police should take immediate action, take the guns, and worry about “due process” later. During a meeting with congressional leaders about guns, Vice President Pence suggested that additional tools should be given to law enforcement to confiscate additional weapons from those who posed a risk, after going to court and going through the process ...

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Gun Facts That Are Hard To Ignore

gun facts show

2/26/2018 Republicans say that passing any gun control laws would result in only the criminals having guns.  The argument simply does not hold water, as every other advanced country in the world is able to control gun violence better than the United States.  Simple logic dictates that if gun laws similar to those in Australia, Japan or Canada were passed ...

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Despite Bone Spurs, Trump Claims He Would Have Rushed In To Save Children

trump hero

2/26/2018 President Trump claimed Monday that he would have rushed into the school during the shooting that occured two weeks ago at a Florida high school.  The shooting killed 17 people.  The President stated that deputy sherrifs “wern’t exactly Medal Of Honor winners” and then later called it “a disgrace” the way they performed. “I really believe I’d run in, ...

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Trump Says He Wants To Arm Teachers, Then Says It’s Fake News, Then Says He Wants To Arm Teachers Again

guns school shooting teacher bonus

2/22/2018 It a confusing round of statements, President Trump said that he thought it would be a good idea to allow treachers to carry fire arms.  he then tweeted that he did not make the statement.  He then said He thought it would be a good idea for some teachers to be armed.  It’s comforting to have a President who ...

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Florida House Refuses Assault Weapons Discussion, Talks Porn Instead

shooting porn guns

2/21/2018 The Republican-led Florida House of Representatives on Tuesday decisively blocked a move by Democrats to debate a ban on assault weapons in Florida, six days after a massacre that took 17 lives at a Broward County high school. The bill (HB 219), which would ban the sale and possession of semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines like the kind used ...

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Florida Students Bash Trump, Senators And The NRA

students florida nra

2/20/2018 People around the country have had enough. They have had enough of the sensless killings tht the government does nothing about.  In a recent poll, 62% of Americans said Trump is not doing enough to prevent mass shootings and 77% say Congress is doing an inadequate job on the issue. During President Trump’s tenure, two records have been set for ...

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