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Gun Facts That Are Hard To Ignore


Republicans say that passing any gun control laws would result in only the criminals having guns.  The argument simply does not hold water, as every other advanced country in the world is able to control gun violence better than the United States.  Simple logic dictates that if gun laws similar to those in Australia, Japan or Canada were passed in the United States, thousands of pointless murders could be avoided.  The question is, do Americans have the courage to make a change and protect their children?

Below are some simple facts provided by the website Everytown.Org

To put the graph into perspective,  The United States population is about 330 million.  The population of Japan is about 128 million (slightly more than a third of the US population).  The United States has about 13,000 gun murders per year, Japan averages about 10 (yes, that’s right, ten).  Japanese law allows gun ownership, but residents must go through a day-long training and pass proficiency tests.

Some more fun gun facts:

  • In an average year in the US, 12,725 people are murdered by guns.  An additional 21,635 people commit sucide by using a gun, there are 500 people killed by accident, and another 300 gun deaths that where the intent can not be determined.  In all, the Unted States averages about 35,140 gun deaths per year.
  • On an Average day, 96 Americans are killed with guns.
  • For every one person killed by a gun, two more are injured by a gun.
  • Seven children and teens are killed with guns on an average day.
  • If a gun is present during a domestic violence situation, the chance of the women being killed increases 500%
  • 600 women per year are shot to death in the United States by their intimate partners.
  • Black men are 13 times more likely to be shot and killed by a gun than white men.

Do American have the desire and courage to make a change?


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