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Hope Hicks lies

White House Communication Director Says She Lies


In a stunning admission, White House Director of Communications Hope Hicks told the House Intelligence panel today that she lies.

During a 9-hour question and (sometimes) answer session, Hicks said she sometimes tells “white lies” for President Trump.  Initially, Hicks would not answer the question of whether she lied, but after consulting with her attorney for approximately 15 minutes, she said that she had.

Panel members then asked her if she had lied for other White House staff members, or for members of President Trump’s family.  She refused to answer that question.  She also refused to answer questions regarding the statement she had helped craft after it became known that Donald Trump Jr. had met with Russians in the Trump Tower during the campaign.

Because her attendance was voluntary, she didn’t have to answer questions if she didn’t want to.  Upon refusing to answer questions, Democrats on the commission asked that she be immediately subpoenaed, which then would require her to answer questions.  An immediate subpoena was used when the same panel questioned Steve Bannon when he initially refused to answer questions.  However, for Hicks panel Republicans refused to invoke a subpoena, apparently satisfied with Hick’s refusal to answer questions for some reason.

The fact that a White House Communications Director would lie for the President was an astonishing revelation, which instantly obliterated any credibility she may have had with the press.  Her admission may have subjected her to prosecution, as she took an oath to defend the constitution and she would “bear true faith and allegiance”.  Lying to protect the President, no matter how trivial or insignificant she believed the lie to be, would be a violation of her duties and to the oath that she took.



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