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Bone spurs golf

Bone spurs not keeping Trump from playing golf


President Trump seems to have no problems playing a lot of golf these days.  He doesn’t walk with a limp, nor does he show any pain while walking.

When he was younger, Donald J. Trump sought and received five deferments from serving the United States during the Vietnam war.  Four were for attending college, one was for bone spurs in his heel.

Today, President Trump can not seem to remember all of the facts surrounding the problems with his bone spurs.  In 1972, the problem was so great, it prohibited him from serving.  Yet today he can not remember which foot had the problem, or which Doctor treated him and provided the letter for his deferment.  He has been unable, or unwilling to supply a copy of the letter.

During the 2016 election, Trumps current physician reported that Trump had “no significant medical problems” in his medical history.

Bone spurs are real, can be quite painful and could legitimately preclude a young man from being able to walk the long distances necessary for a soldier. You would think that such an affliction would be memorable for the rest of your life.  However, Donald Trump has very little memory of the painful condition that kept him from serving his country in the Vietnam War,  nor has provided any witnesses who could remember that he walked in pain.

Fortunately for the president, after receiving no treatment, his bone spurs seemed to have melted away after the Vietnam war.  He had no further incidents that required medical treatment.

That has certainly been good news for his ability to play golf.  Trump has played more golf than any other president during the same amount of time in office.

A helpful website that tracks all of the President’s golf outings can be found here: Trump Golf Count

Out of embarrasment, the White House will not confirm or deny the exact number of times Trump has played golf.  However, it is likely that he has played at least twice as many times as President Obama during the same time span. Trumped often criticized Obama for playing so much golf.

As Warren Buffet once said about Trump during the election, ““Trump and his family have sacrificed nothing.”



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