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Corruption At The EPA – Pruitt And His Perks

scott pruitt rent ethics corruption

4/3/2018 Ethics violations and corruption seem to be a trade mark of the Trump administration.  Private Jets,  $31,000 office tables, private security forces and sound-proof phone booths have all been part of the problem.  Now, EPA Chief Scott Pruitt seems to have taken it one step further. ABC News recently disclosed that Pruitt had been renting a Washington apartment for ...

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EPA Chief Pruitt: Trump Would Be More Abusive To Constitution Than Obama

trump abusive to constitution

1/30/2018 EPA Chief Scott Pruitt gets reminded of what he thought of Candidate Trump.  He is quoted on a Oklahoma radio show as saying “I believe that Donald Trump in the White House would be more abusive to the constitution than Barak Obama, and that’s saying a lot”.

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There Goes The Sun (And Jobs)! Trump Puts 30% Tariffs On Solar Panels

solar panels tariffs

1/22/2018 President Trump yesterday imposed a 30% tariff on imported crystalline-silicon solar cells and modules,  ignoring the industry’s request for a more thoughtful import licensing fee approach. Trump tried to strike a balance between punishing China for importing low-cost solar panels and modules into the U.S. and trying to protect the domestic solar industry from massive job losses. Unfortunately, his ...

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Majority Of National Park Service Advisory Panel Resigns in Disgust


1/16/2018 Most of the members of the National Park Service Advisory Board have tendered their resignation over frustrations with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, The Washington Post reports. Nine of the 12 board members quit Monday night, citing Zinke’s refusal to convene the citizen advisory panel or discuss matters with it since he came into office last March. Zinke has drawn criticism for a number ...

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Offshore drilling opposed by almost all coastal Governors, Florida off the hook

governors oppose drilling

1/12/2018 Nearly every coastal Governor affected by the Trump Administration’s recent announcement to expand offshore drilling has opposed the plan.  Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott was so upset by the proposal, he demanded an immediate meeting with Interior Secretary Zinke.  Soon after the meeting Zinke announced that drilling off the Florida coast is “off the table”. Zinke released the following ...

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Zinke announces largest offshore drilling expansion in US history

offshore drilling

01/04/2018 Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke today announced his plans to to greatly expand the areas available for offshore oil and natural gas drilling, including all areas off the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. As production of US oil is currently at an all time high, and prices are near historic lows, the Trump Administration somehow reasoned even more oil was needed. In ...

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Trump and Zinke Slash Millions of Acres From Our National Monuments

national monument bear ears

12/6/2018 On Monday President Trump slashed the size of two national monuments in Utah, the largest reduction of public-lands protection in U.S. history. Trump’s actions shrink the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments by more than 1.1 million acres and more than 800,000 acres, respectively. The move sparked protests  outside the White House and in Utah. The changes put the Trump ...

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US Now the only country in the world not in Paris climate accord

paris climate accord

11/7/2017 President Donald Trump announced in June that the US would withdraw from the Paris climate accord.  “We’re getting out,” he said. “And we will start to renegotiate and we’ll see if there’s a better deal. If we can, great. If we can’t, that’s fine.” At the time, the US was not alone.  Syria and Nicaragua also opted out.  Syria was ...

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Official White House Climate report paints a very grim picture

global warming climate change

11/2/2017 A comprehensive climate report compiled by 13 US federal agencies paints a grim picture for the world’s climate outlook.  The report concludes that evidence of global warming is stronger than ever and that more than 90% of it has been caused by humans. The 477-page report released on Friday said it was “extremely likely” – meaning with 95 to ...

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Trump’s EPA chief wants more pollution

global warming

10/9/2017 Speaking Monday in the coal-mining state of Kentucky, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said he would be issuing a new set of rules overriding the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of President Barack Obama’s drive to curb global climate change. “The war on coal is over,” Pruitt declared, adding that no federal agency should ever use its authority ...

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