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Republican ex-Senator claims Trump most divisive president in history

trump divisive

8/24/2017 Former Missouri GOP senator John Danforth called President Trump “the most divisive president in our history” and warned Republicans not to let him tarnish the GOP’s image. “Trump is always eager to tell people that they don’t belong here, whether it’s Mexicans, Muslims, transgender people or another group. His message is, “You are not one of us’,” wrote Danforth in ...

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Just about nobody can trust Donald Trump

no Trump trust

It started just about as soon as he took office.  The false claims about the crowd size at his inauguration really didn’t matter, but the Trump staff insisted on telling the lie.  When the truth started to get in the way, they tried  “alternative facts”.  it wasn’t long before people in the Trump Administration started to lose credibility and trust, ...

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Third time not a charm for Trump travel ban

Trump travel ban

5/25/2017 President Trump’s hope of banning people from terror prone countries took another blow today, as the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 10-3 to uphold a lower courts decision that barred the travel ban. Trump’s first attempt was rejected by the courts as it included reference to Muslims.  The courts decided that barring immigrants based on their religion was ...

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Despite earlier comments, Trump receives warm welcome in Saudi Arabia

trump bows down to saudi king

5/20/2017 President Trumps has said and supported some very unflattering comments about Saudi Arabia, a deeply religious Muslim country.  Besides his previous comments, the Saudi’s rolled out the red carpet and welcomed the President warmly.  The meeting resulted in Trump’s promise to sell approximately $110 billion in arms to the kingdom. For some perspective, Saudi Arabia considers itself as “the ...

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Trump calls for total ban on Muslims entering the US

Immigration center travel ban

During a political rally, Donald Trump called for a total ban on allowing Muslims from entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure what the hell is going on.

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Trump claims he watched thousands of Muslims cheers as WTC towers fell

twin towers tower trump claim

11/21/2015 During a political rally in Birmingham Alabama, Donald Trump called for surveillance of certain Muslim Mosques.  It would appear from his comments that he does not trust some Muslim populations, as he believes thousands cheered during the attacks against the twin towers in New York City.  Mr. Trump was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos the next day. GS – You raised ...

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