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Trump doubles down on Charlottesville comments

After a canned speech yesterday where he finally denounced the KKK and Nazi’s, Donald Trump held an impromptu press session where he doubled down on his previous comments. Trump again insisted both sides were to blame for the violence, and again suggested many on the right were simply trying to protest peacefully.

Video (below by Vice News) dispute Trump’s claims.  On Friday night, members of the Nazi’s and KKK marched with Tiki torches shouting “Jews will not replace us” and “Blood and Soil” which is a Nazi chant from WWII.  For most, this was not an example of peaceful people simply trying to express their views.

Trump’s speech was immediately criticized by just about everybody but Sean Hannity of Fox News, and David Duke, former KKK Grand Wizard.  Democrats, Republicans and business leaders from across the country criticized the president for his remarks, lack of leadership, and his apparently inability to understand the differences between Nazi’s marching through the streets of US cities, and those that oppose them.

A synopsis of Trump’s speech, as described and dissected by Anderson Cooper of CNN

News footage from Vice News showing the Friday night Tiki torch march with chants.






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