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After saying it was a terrible idea, Trump attacks Syria

Trump had a long held opinion about Syria, The United States should stay out.  That is why so many people were surprised when he ordered an attack against a Syrian airbase.  The attack included 59 cruise missiles targeting the airbase from where the Syrian government launched a chemical attack against their own people.  The Trump administration gave previous warning to the Russians, and little actual damage was done to the airbase as it was fully functional within 48 hours of the attack.

Trump did not follow up the attack, nor did he lay out a strategy for dealing with President Assad.  In a about face from previous comments made just the week before, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that “It would seem Assad should no longer lead Syria”, thus joining the sentiment shared by U.S. United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley .

In many wars, the enemy of our enemy is usually our friend.  Not so in Syria, which makes the situation there extremely complicated.  While Assad has proven to be a horrendous dictator, attacking his own people with chemical weapons and attacking civilian hospitals, he is fighting against ISIS rebels who wish to take over Syria and make it a radical Islamist state.  Obviously it is not in the best interest of the United States if Assad is defeated and ISIS takes over Syria, but Assad has proven he will stop at nothing to remain in power, even if it means killing or displacing millions of the Syrian civilian population.

Here are some of his tweets on the subject.  As a reminder, Trump was at his golf resort while he ordered the attack.  We wonder if he has made the call to get the Arab League to pay yet.


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