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British Intelligence stops sharing information after Trump Administration’s leaks


Two weeks ago, Trump shared top secret intelligence with Russian officials in the White House, which potentially put Israeli operatives at risk.  Yesterday, it was disclosed that In April Trump divulged the secret location of two US nuclear submarines to Philippine President Duerte, putting the US submarines at risk.  Today, the Trump Administration leaked British Intelligence to the press regarding the bombing in Manchester.  The leak so upset the British Intelligence community, they have placed an immediate stoppage of sharing intelligence with the United States until such time they are confident that the information will be kept secure.

President Trump is currently in Europe to meet with the members of NATO.  After the announcement by British officials, British Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to have a conversation with Trump that she should never should need to have.  “She expressed the view that thee intelligence sharing relationship we have with the U.S. is hugely important and valuable, but that the information that we share should be kept secure,” a British government source said.  The decision to stop sharing police information with U.S. agencies was an extraordinary step for Britain, which is usually at pains to emphasize its “special relationship” with the United States.  “This is until such time as we have assurances that no further unauthorized disclosures will occur,” said a counter-terrorism source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Trump responded to the intelligence ban by stating “The alleged leaks coming out of government agencies are deeply troubling.”  “I am asking the Department of Justice and other relevant agencies to launch a complete review of this matter, and if appropriate, the culprit should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Curiously, Trump tweeted the following about Hillary Clinton



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