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russian sanctions

House, Senate pass new Russian sanctions that Trump can’t touch


On Thursday the Senate passed legislation placing new sanctions on Russia and rebuking President Donald Trump in a bill that is now ready for him to sign.  The bill gives Congress the ability to block Trump from easing sanctions against Moscow in the future without their consent.  The bill also includes additional sanctions on Iran and North Korea.

The bill passed the Senate 98-2, and the House 419-3 on Tuesday.  With such strong support from both Democrats and Republicans, it is extremely doubtful Trump would attempt to veto it.  To do so would ultimately wind up a political embarrassment for the president, as congress clearly has the votes to override any veto attempt.

The bill intends to punish Russia for interference in the US election, its occupation of Crimea, continuing military presence in eastern Ukraine and various human rights abuses. Advocates of the bill want to impose sanctions on people involved in human rights abuses, suppliers of weapons to the government of Syria and those involved in computer hacking.

***Update***  Trump signs bill into law 8/2/2017


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