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No Hope For Trump, Fourth Communications Director Is Out


A day after admitting she lies for the President, Hope Hicks resigned today as White House Communications Director.

Her announcement was probably a terrific blow to the President, as many viewed Hicks as one of his closest and most trusted confidants.  She had been with him from almost the beginning of his campaign.

At only 29, Hicks had risen quickly in the Trump inner circle.  Before Trump was elected, she had no governmental experience.

After her admission of lying to protect the President, many thought her departure was a mere formality.  The White House can not have a Communication Director who lies, even in the Trump Administration which has been accused of setting records for the most lies.

Having held office for just over a year, Trump will be looking for his 5th (or 6th depending on how you count them) Director of Communications.

His Director of Communications:

  • Sean Spicer                 45 Days
  • Mike Dubke                 88 Days
  • Sean Spicer                 49 Days
  • Anthony Scaramucci 10 Days
  • Hope Hicks 196 Days
  • ?

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