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Republican Memo Debunked by Release Of Democrat’s Version


At one point, some Republicans thought the Mueller investigation into Russian meddling was on its last legs.  Republican Devin Nunes had prepared a secret memo outlining how the investigation was unjust, biased, and grossly unfair to the President.

Republicans who had seen the memo claimed that it contained claims of official corruption so great, they eclipsed the atrocities of Nixon’s Watergate.  Some thought it would lead to the end of the FBI as we know it.  People would be fired, political corruption would be exposed, Hillary’s evil intentions would be laid bare for all to see.  The whole Russian investigation was unjust, and based on lies the FBI gave the court.

Because information in the memo was classified, only the President was authorized to de-classify it and make it public.

Calls went out to Trump, Release The Memo!  Show the world how corrupt the FBI and Justice Department is, show the world that they had no reason to start the investigation, show the world the investigation is a warrantless, “dark” hoax paid for by “Crooked” Hillary!

And so the President released the memo.  And there was nothing.

The Republican memo produced by Devin Nunes was so leading, biased and incomplete, nobody (except Fox News) gave it any credibility.  It was a bust of “cherried picked” points, worth forgetting in its entirety.

But the Democrats wanted to release their own version of events, one that supported the FBI and its investigation into Russian meddling.  They submitted their version to the President, and he refused to release it.  The Democrats went back to the FBI to to clarify what would need to be blacked out in order for it to be okay to release.  After the additional blackouts, Congress released the memo, causing the President to have a twitter melt-down.

The Democratic version contains much of the same information as the Republican memo, but it also completes the context of much of the investigation and debunks the Republicans main argument.

Was there a reason for the courts to allow the investigation to begin, and after a period of time to continue?  The answer is clearly yes, and the investigation continues today.

The argument of the Republican memo is petty.  The FBI was not going to crumble even if they began an investigation based on faulty information (which they didn’t).  That is what investigations are for, to find out what happened, and if people are doing things that are wrong, really wrong.

Readers who are interested in the exact details of the secret memos can read an excellent article published by the Washington Post.  The article details the information of the memos.  You can find the article here.  What We Learned About The Memos



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