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Out Of The Blue, Trump Announces Trade War

trade war shipping

3/5/2018 Seemingly without notice, President Trump on Thursday announced he plans on putting a tariff on imported steel and aluminum. Neither the President nor his staff had mentioned the plan before Trump blurted out his intentions during a Thursday meeting.  He plans to impose a 25% tariff on steel, and a 10% tariff on aluminum.  His announcement caused the stock ...

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“I’m not going to blame myself”

not going to blame myself

10/16/2017 When asked about Steve Bannon and his war on Republicans, Trump explained that things are not getting done.  Of course, and to no one’s surprise, Trump claimed it wasn’t his fault, but the fault of Republican Congressmen. Trump’s statements made many people wonder:  If things are not getting done, who is in charge to make sure they get done.  ...

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Stocks at record highs

Stocks continue to go up

9/29/2017 Stock markets in the US reached record highs as the economy continues to grow.  The markets continue the trend that began in 2009 under President Obama. Despite a presidency which has seen its share of social turmoil, the stock market continues it’s surge upward.  Does a president control the market?  In truth, not much.  Established economic policies and business ...

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Trump disbands advisory councils following mass exodus

disband councils

8/16/2017 President Trump formed advisory councils early in his administration.  Some of America’s top business leaders were members of the councils, eager to offer advice on forming policy to foster American growth, creating jobs and rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. Unfortunately, many of the members have had a difficult time supporting Trump’s positions on everything from the environment to his statements ...

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