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Trump Goes For Record: 5 Lies In 1 Tweet

lies lied tweet

3/19/2018 It was a record few thought could be broken.  Five (5) lies (untruths) told in one tweet.  If there was anybody who could do it, it would be Trump.  He was the only man out there with the audacity to try.  Five untrue statements and/or flat out lies. Oddsmakers in Vegas had him down as a 3/2 favorite that ...

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Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Explained & Why Trump’s Attorney Might Be Fired

trump stormy daniels

3/10/2018 Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive – Sir Walter Scott Porn Star Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump’s attorney have weaved quite a web; one of deception, lies and innuendos.  It is a complicated web, one which will require much untangling.  However the web untangles, it has become apparently clear, and undeniable that the Porn Star ...

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Trump Defies Constitution – Says Worry About Due Process Later

police due process

2/28/2018  Today the President said that police should take immediate action, take the guns, and worry about “due process” later. During a meeting with congressional leaders about guns, Vice President Pence suggested that additional tools should be given to law enforcement to confiscate additional weapons from those who posed a risk, after going to court and going through the process ...

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Happy Valentine’s Melania, Trump Lawyer Admits Paying Porn Star Hush Money

stromy daniels porn star $130,000

2/13/2018 Happy Valentines Melania!  President Trump’s personal lawyer admitted today that he wrote a check to Porn Star Stormy Daniels in the amount of $130,000 shortly before the Presidential election. The payment was reportedly hush money to keep Daniels from elaborating on her 2006 affair with Donald Trump the Porn Star reported in 2011. In a carefully worded statement issued ...

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Did John Kelly Know Of Wife Beatings And Not Care?

Rob Porter abuse kelly

02/13/2018 Former White House Staff Secretary John Porter has been a wife beater for some time.  He abused both of his ex-wives before he became Staff Secretary in the Trump White House.  Trump’s Chief of Staff, John Kelly, almost certainly knew that there was an issue, but apparently didn’t care. As Trump’s White House Staff Secretary, Porter was in charge ...

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Trump nominates perhaps most unqualified Judicial nominee in history

unqualified judges

12/18/2017 Republican Senator John Kennedy took a stand against hiring unqualified Judges nominated by the Trump administration.  In an embarrassing blow to Trump, the senator asked Mathew Peterson about his qualifications, and the answers provided stunning evidence of how little Trump cares about seating qualified Federal Judges. Prior to his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week, Peterson was ...

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Donald Jr. refuses to answer questions about Russia, wrongly claims “Attorney-Client-Privilege”

donald jr.

12/7/2017 Donald Trump Jr. has refused to tell lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee about conversations he had with his father this summer about the now-infamous June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower with a Russian lawyer with ties to the Kremlin. Trump Jr. cited “attorney-client privilege” to avoid answering the lawmakers’ questions about the conversation, explaining that both his and President Trump’s lawyers ...

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Kellyanne Conway facing 2nd Ethics Violation

conway ethics

12/7/2017 In baseball, it’s three strikes and you’re out.  Kellyanne Conway, White House Advisor to President Trump, is now facing her second strike. The former director of the Office of Government Ethics, Walter Shaub, is filing a second complaint against White House counselor Kellyanne Conway for violating the Hatch Act in some of her statements regarding the Alabama Senate race. ...

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