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Sarah Palin’s son goes “Rogue”, says he’ll beat dad’s ass.

Track Palin

12/18/2017 The son of former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin was charged Monday with assault and burglary in a violent confrontation with his father in which the two men struggled over a handgun at his parents’ Alaska home, court records show. According to the criminal complaint and supporting documents, Track Palin, 28, broke through a window of the house ...

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McCain’s thumbs down kills Trumpcare

mccain thumbs down trumpcare

7/27/2017 John McCain gave the thumbs down to Trumpcare late last night.  After seven years of posturing and complaining about the Affordable Healthcare Act, Republicans could not pass a repeal, a replace, or a repeal and replace.   John McCain joined Republican Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to defeat the passing of the "skinny" repeal, which really wasn't a repeal. ...

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Trump bans transgenders from military – reasons don’t seem to hold water

transgender lgbt

7/26/2017 This morning, President Trump tweeted that his administration will ban transgender people from serving in the military.  The news caught many off guard, including the Pentagon. It is estimated that there are about 6,000 current transgender troops serving in the US military, about the same amount of people on board a fully staffed aircraft carrier.  After consultation with my ...

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Kushner is White House’s “Back Door Man”

Kushner back door

5/30/2017 Is it appropriate for an ordinary American citizen to meet with Russian operatives and ask them to set up hidden communication channels with the Kremlin so that US intelligence can’t track the conversations?  That is exactly what Jared Kushner tried to do in December, before Donald Trump took office in January. Before Trump became President, and before Kushner had ...

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Want Lindsay Graham’s phone number? Here it is…

cell phone number

A day after Lindsey Graham call Donald Trump a “Jack Ass” for saying John McCain wasn’t a war hero, Trump reverted to being the world’s most famous five year old and released Graham’s private phone number to the world.  Here’s the clip, enjoy!

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Trump says McCain not a war hero, then changes tune

Donald Trump announces John McCain is not a war hero, and then corrects himself by implying he is a war hero only because he was captured.  Trump goes on to say that he likes people who aren’t captured. See it here from The Wall Street Journal.

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