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mccain thumbs down trumpcare

McCain’s thumbs down kills Trumpcare


John McCain gave the thumbs down to Trumpcare late last night.  After seven years of posturing and complaining about the Affordable Healthcare Act, Republicans could not pass a repeal, a replace, or a repeal and replace.  

John McCain joined Republican Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to defeat the passing of the "skinny" repeal, which really wasn't a repeal.  Many Republicans opposed the bill, which was intended as a stop-gap measure so they could develop a better bill with the House.  McCain had clearly stated earlier that he would not vote for the bill "as is".  Dejected, Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell said afterwards "it is time to move on".

McCain had stated earlier that he wanted the Senate to return to the previous way of doing business by holding open meetings, working across the aisle, and by making the process transparent to the public. McCain held his ground, and did not vote for a bill he did not believe in simply to pass it along so it could be fixed later.  McConnell had tried his best to keep the bill secret until the last possible moment so that Senators, including Republicans, knew little about what they were voting for.

Seen as a huge loss for Trump, the President held little back in his tweets.


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