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Enough Already! Trump Addresses China Trade Deficit

trade china deficit

3/22/2018 As he has done in the past, President Trump shook stock markets today when he announced efforts to reduce America’s trade deficit with China. The Dow was down 724 points by the end of the day. “We have one particular problem, and I view them as a friend, I have tremendous respect for President Xi, we have a great ...

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Trump Lied To Canada’s Trudeau On Purpose

lied canada trudeau

3/15/2018 President Trump admitted today that he lied to Canada’s Prime Minister on purpose. It wasn’t a simple mistake, or a slip of the tongue.  It was a bold-face lie.  Why?  Because that is the essance of the American President.  To lie, to just make things up as he goes along because that is what he is accustomed to doing. ...

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Another Trump Adviser Resigns – Complete List So Far

resigned sinking ship cohn hope hicks

3/6/2018 Gary Cohn, chief economic adviser of President Trump resigned this afternoon.  Cohn’s resignation came after the president decided last week to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, a decision Cohn opposed. Cohn’s announcement came after Trump upped his tariff threats, stating that he may also impose a 25% tariff on European cars. “The EU has been particularly tough on ...

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Out Of The Blue, Trump Announces Trade War

trade war shipping

3/5/2018 Seemingly without notice, President Trump on Thursday announced he plans on putting a tariff on imported steel and aluminum. Neither the President nor his staff had mentioned the plan before Trump blurted out his intentions during a Thursday meeting.  He plans to impose a 25% tariff on steel, and a 10% tariff on aluminum.  His announcement caused the stock ...

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There Goes The Sun (And Jobs)! Trump Puts 30% Tariffs On Solar Panels

solar panels tariffs

1/22/2018 President Trump yesterday imposed a 30% tariff on imported crystalline-silicon solar cells and modules,  ignoring the industry’s request for a more thoughtful import licensing fee approach. Trump tried to strike a balance between punishing China for importing low-cost solar panels and modules into the U.S. and trying to protect the domestic solar industry from massive job losses. Unfortunately, his ...

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Chuck Hagel, Former GOP Secretary of Defense calls Trump “An Embarrassment”

trump embarrassment

1/15/2018 Chuck Hagel, a former two time Republican Senator from Nebraska and Secretary of Defense decided to not pull any punches today when he said President Trump is “An Embarrassment”. President Donald Trump has “intentionally divided the country and the world” said the former Secretary of Defense to the Lincoln Journal-Star for a story published this weekend.  “The president is ...

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Made in America week not so American for Trump businesses

made in america week

07/16/2017 In a bit of hypocrisy, President Trump today kicked off “Made in America Week” which is meant to promote US manufacturing.  What many people found ironic is that Trump, and his daughter Ivanka, have few of the products they sell in the United States, actually made in the United States.  The Washington Post has reported that Ivanka Trump relies ...

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US left out in the cold as Europe and Japan forge massive trade deal

shipping trade japan Europe

7/6/2017 Rivaling in size of NAFTA, Japan and the European Union today announced a massive trade agreement that won’t include the United States.  The agreement will encompass approximately 40% of all world trade.  Under this agreement,  European and Japanese exporters will gain an edge over American exporters in each other’s markets. Shinzo Abe, the prime minister of Japan, greeted the announcement ...

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