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Another Trump Adviser Resigns – Complete List So Far


Gary Cohn, chief economic adviser of President Trump resigned this afternoon.  Cohn’s resignation came after the president decided last week to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, a decision Cohn opposed.

Cohn’s announcement came after Trump upped his tariff threats, stating that he may also impose a 25% tariff on European cars. “The EU has been particularly tough on the United States. They make it almost impossible to do business with them, and yet they send their cars and everything else back into the United States,” Trump said while standing next to the prime minister of Sweden.  “We can put a tax of 25% on their cars and believe me they won’t be doing It for very long,” he said.

Cohn’s departure marks another day in the chaotic Trump White House.  Internal fighting, rash and abrupt decision making and constant scandal has become a trademark of the Trump Administration.  One by one, Trump’s aides, confidants and trusted allies have departed.  Yet the President stated that for every departure, he has ten people waiting in line to take their place.

A current list of departures:

  • 03/06/18 – Gary Cohn – Resigned – Top Trump Economic Adviser.  A very significant departure, Cohn brought stability and rational thought to whatever there is to Trump’s economic policy.
  • 02/28/18 – Hope Hicks – Resigned – White House Communications Director – Probably Trump’s most trusted and loyal aide.  Her departure was a personal blow to the President.
  • 02/27/18 – Josh Raffel – Resigned – White House Deputy Communications Director.  Departure not significant.
  • 02/07/18 – Rob Porter – Resigned in disgrace – White House Staff Secretary.  Significant because it exposed that many White House staff members did not have permanent security clearance.  Porter did not receive his because both of his ex-wives accused him of domestic violence.
  • 12/13/17 – Omarosa Manigault Newman – Fired – White House Public Liason.  Not significant.  She was reportedly a pain in everybody’s rear.
  • 12/08/17 – Dina Powell – Resigned – Deputy National Security Adviser.  Somewhat significant.
  • 09/29/17 – Tom Price – Resigned in disgrace – Health and Human Services Secretary.  Very significant, ousted due to his love for chartering private jets at taxpayer expense.
  • 08/25/17 – Sebastian Gorka –  Resigned – Deputy Assistant with a specialty in natioanl security.  Not very significant.  Security clearance revoked.  Ties to alt-right.
  • 08/20/17  Keith Schiller – Resigned – Deputy Assistant – Not significant.  Former personal body guard to the Trump family.
  • 08/18/17 – Steve Bannon – Fired – Chief Strategist to the President – Very significant. Bannon is probably the main reason Trump was elected, but didn’t play well in the WH playground.
  • 07/31/17 – Anthony Scaramucci – Fired – 11 day Communications Director – Significant.  After getting others fired, “The Mooch” got the boot himself.
  • 07/28/17 – Reince Priebus – Fired – Chief of Staff – Significant.  Replaced by John Kelly.
  • 07/25/17 – Michael Short – Resigned before being fired – Senior Assistant Press Secretary – Somewhat significant.  Resigned by text after being told Scaramucci was about to fire him.
  • 07/21/17 – Sean Spicer – Resigned – White House Press Secretary – Significant.  Spicer immediately resigned upon learning Trump hired Scaramucci.
  • 07/20/17 – Mark Corallo – Resigned – Spokesman for Trump’s private legal team – Significant because he reportedly resigned after hearing Hope Hicks suggest obstucting justice.
  • 07/06/17 – Walter Shaub – Resigned – Director of the Office of Government Ethics – Significant.  Couldn’t handle the ethic issues in the Trump Administration.
  • 05/18/17 – Mike Dubke – Resigned – White House Communications Director – Significant.  Resigned shortly after Comey firing.
  • 05/09/17 – James Comey – Fired – FBI Director – Very significant.  Comey’s firing was most likely the reason Justice Department assigned a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s role in Russian meddling in the election.
  • 05/05/17 – Angella Reid – Fired – Chief Usher – Significant in that she was the first women and the first African American to serve in that position.  The WH would not give a reason for her firing.
  • 03/30/17 – Katie Walsh – Resigned – Deputy Chief of Staff – Somewhat significant.
  • 03/25/17 – Boris Epshteyn – Resigned – Assistant Communications Director – Somewhat significant.
  • 02/13/17 – Michael Flynn – Fired – National Security Adviser – Very significant.  Lied to VP Pence, involved with the Russians, plead guilty to multiple charges.
  • 01/30/17 – Sally Yates – Fired – Attorney General – Significant.  Fired after she refused to defend Trump’s travel ban.



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