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Trump Hires “Only The Best People”, Sam Nunberg Proves It.


As a candidate, Trump promised repeatedly that he would hire “only the best people”.  If Sam Nunberg is Trump’s idea of the best, then the government is in grave danger.

Shortly after receiving his law degree in 2009, Sam Nunberg met and joined forces with campaign operative Roger Stone.  In 2014, the two were working with Donald Trump, trying to keep him in the news for whatever reasons they could come up with.  Nunberg convinced Trump to do an interview for BuzzFeed, which ended up being critical of Trump.  Nunberg was dumped, only to have Trump hire him back in early 2015.  Nunberg was fired later in 2015 when he posted on Facebook that President Obama was a “Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser” and referred to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter as a nigger.

In 2016, Trump sued Nunberg for $10,000,000.00 for allegedly violating his non-disclosure agreement.  The suit (one of over 3,500 involving the President) was settled out of court.

Nunberg was recently subpoenaed to appear in front of the Grand Jury investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election.  Nunberg decided to take to the airwaves to declare that he would not cooperate, or supply emails with others associated with Trump’s campaign.  Nunberg called the subpoena “ridiculous” and added “I think it would be funny if they arrested me”.

Nunberg went on TV and radio shows throughout the day, offering up these soon to be classic quotes:

  • “Do you think I would communicate with Carter Page?” “Carter Page is a scumbag…Carter Page was colluding with the Russians”.
  • “What my point is, is that I’m sick of this shit. I’m not having a meltdown.  In fact, I’m the first person ever standing up for themselves.”
  • “Trump treated me like crap”
  • “Didn’t I say that Trump was a disloyal asshole tonight?”
  • “I despise him” Nunberg said about Trump.
  • In regards to Robert Mueller – “He’s not going to arrest me.” “You know how stupid it is if he arrests me? It’ll be the funniest thing. … I’ll make a spectacle out of it. No justice no peace!”

And after he was about half way through his day and had time to receive feedback about his earlier comments, Nunberg had this to say:

  • Regarding Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “She should stop talking shit.” “They’ve been putting out all day that I’m a drunk and a drug addict.”
  • “Sarah Huckabee wants to start debasing me? She’s a joke.  Okay, fine, yeah she’s not attractive, she’s a fat slob, okay fine.  But that’s not relevant. Her, her, the person she works for has a 30% approval rating.”
  • “Sarah should shut up frankly”. “Sarah should shut up, she’s a terrible Communications…”.
  • “Do you like how I said that she should shut her fat mouth?”
  • “My response is Chris Cillizza can go fuck himself and he dresses like shit”.  CNN editor Chris Cillizza had described Nunberg as a “D-list” political talent who is not “sophisticated.”

Yes, President Trump sure has a knack for hiring “only the very best”.  Sam Nunberg today proved that the President has hired only classy, intelligent people who posses the delicate sophistication required to sway the press to your point of view.  Good job Mr. President!



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