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Trump leaks secrets
How damaging were the Trump leaks?

Trump gives Russians top-secret classified information


According to the Washington Post, during his meeting with Russian officials at the White House President Trump volunteered top secret information.  It was later learned that the secret information was given to US intelligence by the Israelis.  The information the president disclosed jeopardizes the relationships that US intelligence agencies has with its allies, along with disclosing the identity of friendly undercover foreign agents who risked their lives to secure the information.

The information is so sensitive, immediately following the meeting Trump’s counterterrorism adviser, Tom Bossert, called the CIA and National Security Agency to report the breach.   The intelligence relates to what is known as a special access program, or SAP, which covers some of the most classified information and is protected with unique access and security protocols.

The next day Trump tweeted that he had every right to disclose classified material, which is technically correct.  The President may share any secrets with anybody he wants to.  However, when he does he risks that US allies will no longer work collaboratively with US intelligence agencies, and the secrets he is so willing to share will not be available in the future.  Sharing secrets with the Russians is reckless and irresponsible, but he has every right to do it.


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