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Trump and happy Republicans celebrate in the Rose Garden

Trumpcare II passes House, Trump hosts victory party in Rose Garden

Republican House members again boarded buses for a trip to the White House to celebrate the passing of the ACHA (Trumpcare) Friday.  After failing to garner enough votes in late March, Republicans were able to circle the wagons and pass the American Health Care Act.  After a rough first 100 days which saw few victories, Trump was finally able to smile ear-to-ear as one of his signature promises took the first step to become law.

After passing the House of Representatives, the bill will move to the Senate for approval.  If passed there, it will move to the President’s desk for his signature to become law.  If the bill does not sail through the Senate as-is, then the Senate has the option of writing their own version of the bill.  Members of the House and the Senate would then meet to work out the differences between the two separate versions, and to develop a compromised plan.  If successful, the compromised bill would then be voted on again by both chambers, and if passed, would then move to the President”s desk for signature.

After passage in the House on Thursday, many Senators openly doubted passage of the bill in it’s current form, and many thought a total rewrite may need to be done.  While the House approval was certainly in the direction President Trump wanted to move, like many bills, it still has a long way to go before it becomes law.



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