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Trump’s Hair – Worse Than Anybody Thought

trump hair

02/08/2018 They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Enough said.

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Trump Sets Record by Telling His 2000th Lie

2000 lies

1/10/2018 The Washington Post has done a wonderful job of tracking all of President Trump’s lies.  Today they announced that he told his 2000th lie in only 355 days in office, by far a record of any President. Even more disturbing than the total number of lies the President has told, is that the average number of lies per day ...

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Trump Keeps Government Open For Almost a Whole Year

1/20/2018  Satire. Americans were cheering Trump’s latest achievement.  Nobody thought he could do it.  There were the naysayers who said he couldn’t go more than six months.  The line in Vegas was eight months.  But like the champion he is, the President beat the odds and kept the government open for almost an entire year. “Trump’s the man!”  said Larry ...

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Simpsons mock Trump – Again

Another classic from the Simpsons The other two videos can be found here:  Simpsons Mock Trump

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Did you know?

einstein know believe

7/26/2017 Is it hard to believe 39% of Americans think President Trump is doing a good job?  For some it is, others find it hard to believe his rating isn’t higher. America can be a funny place, where people believe all sorts of things.  Looking at the list, you have to wonder, why are people so stupid?  Why don’t more ...

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The force is against Trump when it comes to voter info

Trump voter fraud

7/1/2017 Forty four states have refused to fully cooperate with the Trump administration's request to provide voter registration information.  The reasons primarily revolve around voter confidentiality issues, and state laws prohibiting the sharing of such information.  At least one state makes some of the information available, but charges a fee to provide the information.  Dismayed by the reaction, Trump questioned ...

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Rick Perry getting “Psyched” for cheerleader season

Perry cheerleader

6/28/2017 – On The Lighter Side – Satire This week, staff at The Trump Chronicle had a chance to catch up with Energy Secretary Rick Perry.  It wasn’t easy, but we finally found him wandering around the halls of the White House, apparently waiting for the President to call him in for whatever photo op might that present itself.  The ...

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Simpson’s mock Trump

Simpsons Trump

  In the second short involving President Trump, Fox released  “125 Days” which imagines Donald Trump being visited by the ghost of Richard Nixon.  Note which song Pence is whistling as he scratches off “Vice” from his name plate.  Is this a sign to come? And this is the first “100 Days” of the Trump Presidency according to the Simpsons. ...

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Melissa McCarthy plays Sean Spicer on SNL

mccarthy spicer snl

If you thought Alec Baldwin plays a good Trump, you will absolutely love Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. 5/13/2017 4/15/2017 2/12/2017 2/5/2017        

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Alec Baldwin appears as Trump on SNL

snl baldwin trump

Alec Baldwin performs multiple times as Donald Trump, much to Trump’s irritation. Just tried watching Saturday Night Live – unwatchable! Totally biased, not funny and the Baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. Sad — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 4, 2016 5/20/2017 5/13/2017 4/15/2017 4/8/2017 Baldwin as both Bill O’Reilly and Trump   3/11/2017 2/25/2017 2/12/2017 2/5/2017 1/15/2017 ...

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