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Trump Won’t Give Order To Thwart Future Russian Election Interference

adm mike rogers russia hacking

2/27/2018 US Cyber Command chief Adm. Mike Rogers told lawmakers on Tuesday that he has not been granted authority by President Trump to disrupt Russian election hacking operations where they originate. Asked by Democratic Sen. Jack Reed if he has been directed by the President, through the defense secretary, to confront Russian cyber operators at the source, Rogers said “no ...

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Obamacare Still A Hit Despite Trump’s Efforts

2/7/2018 Nearly 11.8 million people signed up for Obamacare again this year, depite President Trump calling it “dead”. An Associated Press count found that nationwide enrollment was about 3 percent lower than last year. California, with more than 1.5 million sign-ups, was the last state to report, announcing its numbers on Wednesday.  Sixteen states actually increased their enrollment from last year, ...

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Chuck Hagel, Former GOP Secretary of Defense calls Trump “An Embarrassment”

trump embarrassment

1/15/2018 Chuck Hagel, a former two time Republican Senator from Nebraska and Secretary of Defense decided to not pull any punches today when he said President Trump is “An Embarrassment”. President Donald Trump has “intentionally divided the country and the world” said the former Secretary of Defense to the Lincoln Journal-Star for a story published this weekend.  “The president is ...

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London’s (not) Calling, Trump not welcome and cancels trip

british intelligence

1/12/2018 London Mayor Sadiq Khan celebrated the news that President Trump would not be visiting the city, saying Trump had “got the message” from Londoners who “have made it clear that Donald Trump is not welcome here.” “It appears that President Trump got the message from the many Londoners who love and admire America and Americans but find his policies ...

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Trump staff turnover sets records

turnover pink slip

12/15/2017 Donald Trump’s first year in the White House has been tumultuous for his staff, resulting in massive turnover.   Michael Flynn has put in a guilty plea. Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, and Anthony Scaramucci were pushed out. Sean Spicer is off working on a book. Omarosa Manigault, the former contestant on “The Apprentice”, was escorted out the door on Tuesday. ...

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Twelve days of silence about fallen soldiers, but plenty of time for golf

trump gold star families

10/18/2017 On October 4th, four US Special Forces soldiers were ambushed and killed in Niger.  The  president, notably vocal on almost all topics was mute when it came to the nation’s loss.  Silence on the deaths. The next day, the first of the remains came home to Dover Air Force base in Delaware.  Still, no comment came from the president, ...

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NBA Champion Warriors not welcome at Trump White House

9/23/2017 The day after Stephan Curry told reporters that he would rather not accept an invitation to visit the White House because of his objections to the current administration’s policies and rhetoric, Trump tweeted that he was revoking any invitation because of Curry’s remarks. Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team.Stephen Curry is ...

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It’s Official: No evidence of wire tap at Trump Tower

Obama wiretap Trump

9/3/2017 The Justice Department said in a court filing Friday evening that it has no evidence to support President Donald Trump’s assertion in March that his predecessor, Barack Obama, wiretapped the phones in Trump Tower before last year’s election.  “Both FBI and NSD confirm that they have no records related to wiretaps as described by the March 4, 2017 tweets,” the department’s motion ...

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Trump plays a lot of golf – Can Americans get a mulligan?

Trump plays a lot of golf

7/31/2017 President Trump plays a lot of golf.  A lot.  While it is not surprising that he take some time off to relax, the amount of time he spends away from the White House at his properties is alarming.  During his campaign, Trump also stated that he would have no time to play (see video below), and often criticized President ...

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Did you know?

einstein know believe

7/26/2017 Is it hard to believe 39% of Americans think President Trump is doing a good job?  For some it is, others find it hard to believe his rating isn’t higher. America can be a funny place, where people believe all sorts of things.  Looking at the list, you have to wonder, why are people so stupid?  Why don’t more ...

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