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North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un

Trump seems to love the world’s worst dictators and lunatics


Trump has, or wants to meet with the craziest people on earth, and have some over to the White House to visit.

Today, President Trump announced “I would be honored to do it” in reference to meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.  For years, the 27 year old dictator has provoked the world community in attempt to gain recognition and favor attention.  Until now, the world understood the pubescent attempts, and for the most part ignored them.  In contrast to previous Democratic and Republican Presidents, Trump decided to offer Kim Jong Un exactly what he wanted, an opportunity to meet and negotiate issues with the leader of the free world.  The offer has come after Kim Jong Un has announced his wishes to use nuclear bombs against the United States, has shown mock videos of attacks against Washington D.C and US carriers, and has threatened to sink US nuclear submarines.

Just two days before, in a move that surprised just about anybody in favor of basic human rights, Trump invited Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to the White House.  According to Amnesty International, under Duterte over 7,000 Filipinos have been killed by the police in his war against drugs.  Police officers are paid for kills, and not for arrests, hence few trials are held for suspected drug users (not only dealers, all drug users).  Duterte has claimed he has personally carried out many of the killings himself, and has claimed he has personally pushed people out of helicopters.  In addition, upon learning of a woman who was gang raped and later killed, Duterte stated that because the woman was so beautiful, it was a shame that the Mayor couldn’t have been the first to rape her (Duterte himself was Mayor of the Town at the time).

Trump has already welcomed Egypt’s military dictator, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, to the White House in April, even though Sisi killed at least 900 people in a single day and routinely tortures his opponents.  Trump has continuously praised Vladimir Putin as a strong leader, even though it is well know that he has murdered his opponents and dissidents.  Going back a bit further, Trump praised Saddam Hussein and said he wished his brutal regime was still in power.

And of course, Trump welcomed the Motor City Madman Ted Nugent to the White House last week.  The many stories surrounding Nugent are legendary.  Perhaps one of the most colorful is his recorded interview where he talked about how he likes to sit naked on his sofa watching Megyn Kelly on Fox News while cleaning his weapon.  Classy.

What is Donald Trump is trying to accomplish by inviting thugs, killers, dictators and lunatics to the White House?  Trump claims that despite his admission of murder, Duterte has very high poll numbers.  “You know he’s very popular in the Philippines,” Trump said. “He has a very high approval rating in the Philippines.”  Perhaps Trump is fishing for advice on how to raise his poll numbers.  With any luck, he won’t discover that Stalin and Moa had almost 100% approval ratings.


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