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Melania Trump
Courtesy Disney/ABC Television

Washington Post Exposes Shady Immigration of Melania And Her Parents


The Washington Post today exposed the shady history of Melania Trump’s immigration.  It also suggested that Melania’s parents are in the United States as part of chain migration, the very policy the President is trying to end.

Chain migration is the practice of giving preferential immigration treatment to the family members of recent approved immigrants. Once an immigrant becomes naturalized, their family members can more easily apply for citizenship.  The President has decried this policy, believing it opens the floodgates once one person is granted citizenship.  The Washington Post is reporting that Melania Trump’s Slovenian parents are legal permanent residents of the United States and it appears they benefited from the same “chain migration”.

The Post also recounted that the President claimed that Melania would hold a press conference to document her immigration in August 2016.  “Let me tell you one thing,” President Trump said. “She has got it so documented, so she’s going to have a little news conference over the next couple of weeks.”  She never did.  There are conflicting reports that indicate Melania worked in New York before she was legally able to do so.  In 1996 Melania possesed a visitor visa which would have prohibited her from seeking employment.  However, she reportedly earned in excess of $20,000 in modeling jobs during that time.

Four years later, Melania also “self-sponsored” herself during her application, a somewhat unusual situation considering she was supposed to be in the United States unemployed.  According to her attorney, her application was based on that she was “a model of extraodinary ability”.  She received her green card the next year, 2001.

The whole excellent article can be found here:  The huge questions about Melania Trump’s immigration history nobody will answer




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