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Parties And Golf More Important To Trump Than Victims Of Horrific Shooting


President Trump took some time out of his busy schedule Friday to visit the hospital where survivors of the deadly school shooting are recovering.

“It’s very sad something like that could happen,” Mr. Trump said to reporters at the hospital, Broward Health North. In his remarks, the president focused on praising law enforcement officials and doctors; he hailed the speed of emergency medical workers as “record-setting.”

The president was at the hospital for approximately 35 minutes.  Any visits he may have had with victims or their family were not disclosed to reporters, though he did have the time to pose for pictures with various hospital staff.

Apparently pressed for time, he quickly departed after 35 minutes to make the quick trip to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, where he was introduced to law enforcement officers and again had time to take a number of photos.  Curiously, while taking photos the president thought it would be appropriate to use the “thumbs up” gesture in remembrance of the 17 people murdered at the school.

The President spent about 40 minutes at the Sheriff’s Office before leaving to make the short drive to his resort Mar-A-Lago.

At Mar-A-Lago, the President attended a “Studio 54” themed party.  Studio 54 was a popular disco night club in New York City during the 80’s and the President was a frequent visitor.  The party was attended by Mar-A-Lago members and political donors.  It was estimated that Trump and his wife were at the party for over two hours, more than the combined time he spent with survivors and first responders.

The White House announced that out of respect for the dead and the mourners, the President would not be playing golf.  Apparently, the President did not have too much respect, as he was out swinging the clubs two days later.  While he was playing golf, the buriels of the first two shooting victims were taking place.


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