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Kushner In Hot Water Over False Reports To NYC

new york kushner rent control

3/18/2018 Jared Kushner is facing another scandal linked to his time as CEO of the family’s real estate empire. At the center of the latest scandal is Kushners’ apparent tendancy for deceit. According to an investigation by the Associated Press published on Sunday, “The Kushner Cos. routinely filed false paperwork with the city of New York declaring it had zero rent-regulated tenants ...

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Great Britain Sure Putin Involved In Salisbury Poisoning

poison putin great britain

3/16/2018 Prime Minister of Britain Theresa May is incensed over the attempted murder of a former Russian Spy and his daughter on British soil.  “It is highly likely that Russia was responsible” for the nerve-agent attack Ms. May said. Boris Johnson, Britain’s Foreign Secretary, went even further, stating “our quarrel is with Putin’s Kremlin, and with his decision, and we think ...

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Melania – Clean Up Your Own House First

melania clean house social bullying

3/16/2018 First Lady Melania again stated her intentions to battle on-line bullying, the practice of using social media to insult and berate others. The good news is that she doesn’t need to walk very far to confront her husband, one of the biggest bullies on social media.  The bad news is that she hasn’t confronted him, won’t confront him, and ...

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How Biased Is Fox News? Just Watch

fox news biased

3/16/2018   They once billed themselves as “Fair and Balanced”, but more and more, Fox News has proven to contain some of the most biased political programing on TV. A few years ago, they even stopped calling their programing “news” as it would infer that they would have some responsibility to be honest and non-partisan.  Today they call their programing ...

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Trump Lied To Canada’s Trudeau On Purpose

lied canada trudeau

3/15/2018 President Trump admitted today that he lied to Canada’s Prime Minister on purpose. It wasn’t a simple mistake, or a slip of the tongue.  It was a bold-face lie.  Why?  Because that is the essance of the American President.  To lie, to just make things up as he goes along because that is what he is accustomed to doing. ...

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Vanessa To Become First “Ex-Wife” Of Donald Jr.

vanessa first ex-wife donald jr.

3/15/2018 Vanessa Trump, soon to be the first ex-wife of Donald Trump Jr., filed for divorce in New York on Wednesday. Like his father, Donald Jr. was not able to hold a marriage together.  It was suspected that Donald Jr., like his father, had an affair during his marriage.  Donald Jr. has been linked to Aubrey O’Day who was a ...

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Teacher and Safety Official Cause Two Accidental School Shootings In One Day

teachers guns

3/14/2018 President Trump wants to arm 600,000 teachers with concealed weapons to carry in the classrooms. Many people believe the idea to arm teachers is misguided, some even believe it is idiotic.  Trump apparently assumes all teachers are sane and mentally stable.  He also believes that trained teachers won’t make mistakes and accidentally fire their weapons, possibly injuring or even ...

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Millions Of Students Walk Out To Support End Of Gun Violence

student march gun violence

3/14/2018 Millions of students walked out of their classrooms today to support the end of gun violence.  They walked out in support of the 17 people who were shot and killed last month in a Parkland Florida High School. It is estimated that kids in over 3,000 schools from across America participated in the protest.  Students participated from every state, ...

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Tillerson Fired By Tweet

tillerson fired tweet trump

3/13/2018 President Trump is a coward.  Not having the balls to tell the fourth highest ranking official in the US Government face-to-face that he was making a change, Trump instead sent a tweet that there was a new Secretary of State.  That is how Rex Tillerson learned he was out of a job.  No office visit, no call.  He learned ...

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John McEntee – Another Trump Aide Fired For Security Reasons

mcentee fired security

3/13/2018 Yet another Trump aide was fired today, this time for “serious financial crimes”.  John McEntee was escorted out of the White House by the Secret Service. But do not shed a tear for the young 27-year-old.  The personal aide to the President was immediately hired by the Trump Campaign as a Senior Adviser.  The President apparently could not pass ...

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